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 In the past years, we have been devoted to train forty-six thousand excellent base technicians in the industrial field and developed to increase the economic.

Photo: Students play
    Now, the economic development keeps growing and makes Taiwan a newly form in industrial. The GNP has been over eighteen thousand USD, which means Taiwan is going to be a modernized in industrial country. Meanwhile, our industrial developing style is gradually turning into multi-technique and hi-tech model. Thus the structure of manpower is different and the requirements for the labor force quality are higher and higher. In view of this, the education policy should be reformed to as a promising to meet the requirements of the top world. As a leading industrial vocational school in Taipei, we are especially to meet the high quality school program.

  In the future, we will

  1. Establish our school with well-reputation; increase the quality of school environment as the advanced countries.
  2. Built up school discipline, improve the teaching quality and nourish teaching tools to make a remarkable vocational industrial school.
  3. Completely develop vocational industrial education and devote to carrying out community education program. Improve the training system for high quality technicians.
  4. Cooperate with Taiwan economic development plan, and popularize vocational education, as we are transforming prudently to meet the new requirement of labor force.
Photo: Students and the president in the mountain