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School Programs

 According to Taiwan's education policy and to meet the requirement for market development, there are six school programs: Photo: Students in Computer workshop

1.Vocational Industrial Education
This is offered for junior high school graduates. The V.I. senior high school diploma is bestowed on the completion of the study.

2.Comprehensive High School
The three-year full-time program is offered for junior high school graduates. This is the new program, through which students can determine their professionals or academic programs after a certain interests-trying period. The Comprehensive senior high school diploma is bestowed on the completion of the study.

3. Continuing Education
Photo: Students in drawing workshop This program is designed to meet the needs for the one who have completed their junior high school education or are currently employed regardless of their age. Most classes are held in the evening, and students who complete a three year program and pass an examination are issued a certification equivalent to a vocational high school diploma.

4. General Skill Program
This program offers regular three year courses and skill training which is designed according to individual situation. Junior high school graduates with minor learning difficulties are given an opportunity of acquiring skills. After the completion of this program, students will be assisted to appropriate employments.


5.Cooperative Skill Program
Photo: Teachers in Computer workshop The school cooperates with local junior high schools, offering 7-hour skill courses per week for junior students who are inclined toward employment. The students who complete these courses would be bestowed a certification and Practical Skill Program would be provided.

6.Adult Training Program
Working professionals are enrolled to receive 3-month vocational continuing education in the nighttime. Certificates are awarded to the students who complete the training.