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Educational Objects

  According to the course standards of vocational schools released in September 1998 by Ministry of Education, the educational objects are goal at cultivating students with professional knowledge, occupational morality, ability for advanced study and employment. To achieve this, the following objects have to be done.

  1. To enhance students' basic skill knowledge and to cultivate students with professional knowledge.
  2. To cultivate students' occupational morality, and the spirit of cooperating and positive working attitude.
  3. To emphasize our curriculum in both good culture education and science skills and to enhance students' competence of creativity mind development, and culture adaptability.
  4. To cultivate students' ability of advanced professional study and to assist students lifelong learning will. .
   The Industrial Vocational Schools is to cultivate students to be on all around basic technician. Besides the characters and the spirit developments, we intend to:
  1. Teach students the basic knowledge and practical skills.
  2. Equip students with positive occupational morality.
  3. Cultivate students with the competence mind development, creative thoughts and culture adaptabilities.