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School Management

We are goal to train students with basic industrial skills and advanced learning ability. The features are as follows:

1.Various Departments and Qualified Equipments
Photo: Students in workshop The school is categorized into 5 categories, including mechanical, electrical and electronic, civil architectural, and design. In those 5 categories, the school is further categorized into 10 departments, which are mechanical technique, automobile technique, drafting technique, electrical technique, electronic technique, refrigeration & air conditioning technique, computer technique, control technique, architecture technique, and graphic arts communication Technique.

2. Various Programs for Life-long Learning
Six programs are offered three-year vocational industrial education, comprehensive high school and general vocation program. Continuing education is without age limit, and it is designed for working youth with junior high school diploma. Cooperative program is designed forPhoto: Students in cooking workshopthe seniors of junior high school who plan to begin to start a career, and adult training program, a life-long education program is designed for people who live in the local residential.

3. Upgrade Skills First and Assisted in Employment
We believe that the quality for further education equalizes the ability for job. Consequently, we emphasize both on academic and practice courses simultaneously. By the all around curriculum, our students are good at advanced skills and employment. 83% of our graduates successfully comprise the skills in these three years.

4. All Around Education
In order to enhance noble quality of Daan, besides the skill-learning curriculum, we also emphasis on good culture education.

5. Ivy's Belief; kapok's Spirit

The students we want to cultivate are the dependable ones with positive attitude and enthusiastic action. We hope our students can follow the characteristic of Kapok----do one thing at one time, never bear leaves and flowers at the same time. Kapok trees are planted around the campus, and their spirit has become the totem of the school
Photo: Activity Building