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Campus and Facilities

Photo: landscape in campus  The school is located on Fusing South Road. Although in the central part of Taipei, the campus is dotted with flourish plants in between modern buildings. With highly qualified faculty, equipment, ethos and its history of 70 years, the school is known as one of the best school industrial schools in metropolitan, Taiwan.


Photo: entrance in campus

The total area of campus is 4.4253 hectare. Campus is beautiful. There are 15 buildings on campus, such as Administrative Building, Instructional Building, Workshop Building, parking lot, underground swimming pool etc. The establishment of the 7 floor Multiple Activities Center has been finished in 2002. This center will contain gym, 1200-seat auditorium, school history hall, a conference room, etc. Photo: MRT in front of campus

  21 lines of public bus can reach the school. Moreover, Daan station of Mucha line of MRTS (Mass Rapid Transit System) is on the left side of the school gate. It would be very convenient to get to the school or connect to other MRT lines.