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Department of Electronic Technique
標示用 Education Goal
Practice Factory

  To provide basic electronic technical in the professional manner. Teaching students the knowledge of basic electricity, digital logic, electronic, etc, training students the basic skills to fix and maintain the electronic circuits, communication electronics and microprocessor, etc, encouraging the students on the learning in all electronic aspects. Also, the visions on the good working habits and sprit are very important for all electronic technology students.

標示用 Characters

  The department of electronic engineering has the advanced wireless digital TV system, CPLD practical lab, microcomputer peripheral equipments and good quality education teachers, actually, in 2003 won the first of the remarkable teaching from the Ministry of Education.

標示用 Courses:

Academic Year

The First Year

The Second Year

The Third Year


Theoretical  Subjects

  • Basic Electricity Theory


  • Electronics
  • Digital Logic
  • Electronic Circuits
  • Microprocessor & Network
  • Telecommunication Theory

Workshop  Subjects

  • Basic Electricity Practice
  • Basic Electronic Practice
  • Electronic Practice  
  • Digital Logic Practice  
  • Programmable Language Practice
  • CAD Practice
  • Electronic Circuits Practice
  • Microprocessor Practice
  • Telecommunication Practice
  • Practical Project Practice

標示用 Employment&Advanced Study

Assembly, calibration, quality control and repair work in electronic factories, or service of auto-control equipment derived from electronic technique.

Advanced Study & Result:
2-year junior college, 4-year technological college, and university.

  • The most three years university enrollment rate (the enrollment on the public tech university is above 61%)


Public University

Total Enrollment










  • It is high rate to get the technician certification and licensing on 80% above; these are industrial electronic engineers and consumer electronics engineers, etc.