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Department of Drafting Technique
標示用 Education Goal:

  To provide basic knowledge of drafting in the professional manner. The classes are mechanical drafting, reading and basic design in drafting, etc, training students to use the drafting tools and computer aided drawings, etc. Also, it is very important on the visions of the good working habits and sprit for all drafting technology students.

標示用 Characters:
  From the government policy in education, department of drafting assists the students on the computer aided drawings practice, CAD/CAM practice, computer image process practice, web design, computer multimedia, etc. Especially these computer aided drawing tools will make the students to toward the professionals.

標示用 Courses:

Academic Year

The First Year

The Second Year

The Third Year


Theoretical Subjects

  • Machine Element
  • Mechanics 
  • Mechanical Manufacturing Process
  • Advanced Mechanics
  • Mechanical Materials

Workshop Subjects

  • Basic Mechanical Practice
  • Mechanical Drawing Practice
  • Mechanical Electrical Practice
  • Mechanical Drawing and Practice
  • Computer Aided Drawing in Mechanical Practice
  • Computer Aided Drawing in 3D Practice
  • Mechanical Drawing and Practice (3D)
  • Drawing Applied Practice (Advanced 3D)
  • Practical Project Practice

標示用 Employment&Advanced Study:

Graduates can be in technicians on government enterprise or in mechanical drawing and CAD on private enterprise.

Advanced Study & Result:
4-year technological college or university, 2-year junior college, and university.

  • The most three years university enrollment rate (the enrollment on the tech university is above 90%)


Public University

Total Enrollment










  • It is high rate to get the technician certification and licensing on 97%. These are the mechanical drawing, CAD and AutoCAD, etc.
  • Technician certification and licensing – Won the gold medal in 2007 of the International Abilympics, in 2005 International Abilympics won bronze; won first in the 2008 the Regulations for Administration of Skills Certification and Examination, won first, fifth in the 2006 the Regulations for Administration of Skills Certification and Examination; won the third in the 2006 student skill in industrial.