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Comprehensive High School
標示用 Objectives:

Our program provides two systems:general high school and vocational school education. The first system prepare students for advanced study and the latter for careers. The Objects are described as follows:

  1. Combine high school and vocational high school education resources to improve teaching quality.
  2. Combine the educational objects of high schools and vocational high schools to promote students' basic competence.
  3. Provide students with optional courses to meet personal needs.
  4. Enlarge the opportunities for testing personal aptitude. which helps students to choose the most appropriate field they are interested in.
  5. Promote both physical and mental development.
  6. Expand the variety of programs for secondary education to meet the current trend.
Activity 2
標示用 Curriculum Planning:

In the first year, courses are comprehensive, but the focus is on strengthening student's math, science and language competence, by which students will have a certain time to decide which field they are interested in and make their own decision in the second year. In the last year, their course would turn into two more professional sections:

  1. Academic Oriented Course
    • Science and Engineering cluster
    • Agriculture and Medical cluster
  1. Vocational Oriented Course
    • Mechanical cluster
    • Electrical cluster
    • Civil cluster
    • Computer cluster
標示用 Prospects for graduates:

Comprehensive high school will be the primary school system of secondary education in the future. This is featured by having students study and involve in what they are really interested in . After graduation, there are various channels to advanced developments for students.

  1. Academic Oriented Course
    • University Admission through Application
    • University Admission through Recommendation

  2. Vocational Oriented Course

A. Universities of technology, colleges of technology, junior colleges, etc.

    • Admission through Recommendation
    • Admission through Application
    • Admission through Special Recommendation on outstanding skill
    • Admission through Joint Distribution system

B. Taking part in skill test and obtain the official certification.